Rubio Corporativo

About Us

Rubio Corporativo, with a significant national presence, has a rich history as a result of its diversity, due to the synergy of the members, whose targets are commercial, industrial, infrastructure as well as construction sectors.

Rubio Corporativo has always been focused on providing high-quality products and services, outstanding by its dynamism, innovation and new technologies development, which reflect on cooperative partnerships, profitability and consistent income, resulting in a value creation with long-term approach.


Our goal is to promote Mexican health, science and technology with a global market view.


To offer products and services that meet the needs of our customers with an ethical and multidisciplinary approach, contributing to the progress of society and the welfare of the community, providing innovative solutions that benefit the quality of life of Mexico and the world.


To be a diversified corporate formed by leading companies, to provide specialized products and services at national and international level, distinguished by its focus to innovate and create value for our customers.


Year Event
1992 Rubio Pharma y Asociados S.A. de C.V., starts operations.
1996 Opening of the first Rubio Pharma branch office in Mexico City (Del Valle).
1997 Instituto Clínico Dr. H.H. Reckeweg was created.
1998 Rubio y Rubio Construcciones Especializadas S.A. de C.V., starts operations.
2003 Opening of a Rubio Pharma branch office in Guadalajara / The Núcleo Médico Dr. H.H. Reckeweg was created at Guadalajara.
2006 RD Research & Technology S.A. de C.V., starts operations.
2007 Laboratorio de Investigaciones en Bioactivos y Alimentos Funcionales (LIBAF), starts operations.
2008 Fundación Internacional para la Salud Ernesto Rubio & Dr. H.H. Reckeweg, A.C., starts operations.
2008 Opening of the second Rubio Pharma branch office in Mexico City (Reforma) / The Núcleo Médico Dr. H.H. Reckeweg starts operations at Mexico City.
2009 Núcleo de Investigación Científica y Desarrollo Tecnológico (NICDET), starts operations.
2011 STC Sonora Tecnología Científica S.A. de C.V. / NS Nanotecnología de Sonora S.A. de C.V.
2011 RD Intellectual Synergy S.A. de C.V., starts operations.

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